Working on installation/performance piece of “First Memory”

I explore print-making and photo-etching, producing multiple, filmic and sequential images, representing internal and external aspects of the person: a portrait-concept. Particular friends and acquaintances are shown as I see them, scintillating and resonant with their own secret existence. Recent explorations have brought the material out of the frame, to produce a more delicate and exposed sensation, with paintings, drawings and repeating prints as installation. Other inspirations have included birth, myth, television, and film.

In the past I was compelled by my inner life; the disturbing of the layers between soma and  psyche. Representing myself as carapace, absence, interior. The wall-size drawings I produced for my M.A. show at the Royal College of Art were the culmination of these explorations.

In February 2008, I showed two hand-made books at the 11th International Artists’ Book Fair. In the summer of 2008, I showed one print and two assemblages in Wonderland, an exhibition on the dark and vivid themes of fairytale. Starting at the Deutsches Märchen und Wesersagenmuseum (German Fairytale Museum), Bad Oeynhausen, then in the Autumn of 2008, Wonderland went to Der Brüder Grimm Museum, Kassel (Brothers Grimm Museum). Wonderland shows at the V&A Museum of Childhood, London in the autumn of 2009.