Iceland, tunny & bread
Mixed media installation formed from a free association of anxieties and puns

My works drift between material media, emerging as performances, bookworks, video installation and drawings. I tend to reject a conclusive state through repetition and modification of events and I am as interested in things that are broken and somehow held together, as in those that appear complete.

I am a Reader in Fine Art at Middlesex University; I was Abbey Fellow at the British School at Rome in 2003/4.

Publications include It’s inside, Marion Boyars, 2005, coinciding with a solo exhibition at the Café Gallery, examining issues of representing illness (funded by the Wellcome Trust). I have made five works with the Gefn Press including Cunning Chapters exhibited at the British Library in 2007/8. In addition to being co-curator, my contribution was based the life of Santa Chiara (of Assisi) performance artist and patron saint of television.

I am included on Luxonline, with a monograph essay by Dr Andrea Phillips.

Installations include: ‘Moonrise’ Tate Liverpool & Cornerhouse; ‘A book for a performance’ AIR Gallery & ICP New York; ‘Eat’ and ‘Vampire (s) eat’ Kettles Yard & Bluecoat; ‘Light Water Power’ (with Alistair Skinner) Lux, London; ‘The Island Bell’ Harris Museum, Preston; ‘Può dirmi dove devo scendere?’ British School at Rome; ‘Nightshots’ Fieldgate Gallery, London.

I have performed at Franklin Furnace, Cabaret Melancholique, Halle Music Festival, Serpentine Gallery, De La War Pavilion, Ikon Gallery, festival Madremanya, and Subjectivity & Feminisms Events at Chelsea College.